Notice from a disillusioned old immigrant

הודעה זו התקבלה הבוקר בתא הדוא"ל של אשפתון:

!Unique sale opportunity

:Used Democratic State up for grabs

Relatively new and in working order – considering the years of abuse, misappropriation and misrepresentation.

Previous owners include – a number of Deities, infidels and currently, corrupt officials with a smattering of local / international ‘oligarchs’ (worldspeak translation: unscrupulous self-indulgent ‘basterds’).

Convenient and strategically pivotal global location – targets in both East and West comfortably within range.

No natural resources to speak of, however potential oil, gas and emergency blood bank lurking beneath the surface.

Great economic promise but temporarily deep in the red (white and blue) with yellow highlights.

Affectionately known as ‘the land flowing with milk and honey’, this prime chunk of real estate boasts unrivalled natural beauty, possibly only to be compared with the glories that once were ‘Troy’ or ‘Atlantis’.

 Special attractions: unlimited availability of individual and / or group scapegoats, ‘volunteers’ for clinical trials,  and bespoke platforms  for hands-on military training and test sites.

Unsealed bids invited inside unmarked brown envelopes and should be addressed to hospital medical equipment personalities, any senior Government functionaries or anyone with a ‘B’ in their name.

Health warning: widespread infestation of PTPJS (poor terrorized persecuted Jew syndrome)

:No cost bonuses

highly desirable and well connected prison facilities

state-of-the-art ‘start-up “exit” programs’.

.Priority given to cash offers enclosed with the bid

!Total impartiality guaranteed

ילדים מפריעים לנגן רחוב ירושלים 2014נערים מפריעים לנגן רחוב, כיכר ציון, ירושלים , יולי 2014

Teenagers bothering a street player, Jerusalem, Kikar Zion, July,  2014

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